The Growth Strategy That's Being Ignored

The new book by PRWD Founder & CEO Paul Rouke

This book is the result of strategically inserting straws into the brains of the biggest CRO experts in the world, and only taking the choicest bits of their wisdom.

- Avinash Kaushik
Author, Blogger & Digital Marketing vangelist at Google

Anyone who's implemented an intelligent A/B testing and optimisation strategy knows first-hand that it can be the biggest growth lever available to businesses. With thousands of case studies, reports, books and industry commentary on the subject, why is this strategy still underused by board level members looking for proven, methodical growth strategies?

My fellow Global Optimisation Group member and CEO André Morys from Web Arts said to me back in 2014, "we are the dirt under the fingernails of the digital industry". Having worked in the digital industry since 1999, I have to say the immaturity of optimisation processes and strategies within businesseses still shocks me.

"Businesses are talking the talk but not walking the walk"

- Paul Rouke
Founder & CEO of PRWD

17 Global leaders in conversion optimisation answer ONE question

What is holding companies back from growing through conversion optimisation?

Paul Rouke
Founder and CEO of PRWD
Bryan Eisenberg
Founder & CMO at IdealSpot
Chris Goward
Founder & CEO at Wider Funnel
Craig Sullivan
Director at Optimal Visit
Rodger Dooley
Founder at Dooley Direct
Brian Massey
Conversion Scientist at Conversion Sciences
Angie Schottmuller
Growth Marketing Consultant at Interactive Artisan
Peep Laja
Founder of ConversionXL
Dr. David Darmanin
Founder & CEO of Hotjar
Linda Bustos
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Edgacent
Bart Schutz
Chief Psychology Officer
André Morys
Co-Founder ∓ CEO of Web Arts
John Ekman
Founder of Conversionista
Oli Gardner
Co-Founder at Unbounce
Tim Ash
CEO at Site Tuners
Talia Wolf
Conversion & Customer Optimization Consultant
Michael Aagaard
Senior Conversion Optimizer
  • Featuring invaluable insight from renowned figures in the world of digital, such as Bryan Eisenberg
  • Highlights the most common barriers preventing businesses from employing CRO properly (and getting the results they want)
  • Provides the seven-step guide on how to build a CRO strategy that’s best for you
  • It’s a quick and easy read; perfect for your work commute.

Who is this book for?


Know the barriers that have slowed down other businesses, from tech to education, so you don't fall victim to them yourself.


Know what evidence you need to push forward to senior decision makers to ensure your optimisation efforts are sustained.


Recognise potential barriers to your success before they happen, and how to surpass them.


Learn from some of the most recognised figures in the CRO industry on how to make your optimisation programmes, better.

"CRO should not be seen as a tactic - it needs to be embedded in the culture"

"The ego of the optimisers makes 90% of test results a lie"

"Consumers buy your offering; internal teams buy your ideas. Which ‘customer’ converts better?"

"In a word: Silos"

"I think that there is a Gratner Hype Cycle for A/B testing and that many companies end up stuck in the unproductive part, doing testing that doesn't shift the needle or more significantly, isn't teaching you anything for the effort"

"Ever-increasing bullshit content about CRO"

"The Growth Strategy That Is Being Ignored is the result of strategically inserting straws into the brains of the biggest CRO experts in the world, and only taking the choicest bits of their wisdom. The result is a book that is a breezy read, incredibly actionable, and drips with passion that only true optimization lovers like my friends Bryan Eisenberg, Andre Morys, John Ekman and Paul Rouke would possess. Buy now, win a lot!"

- Avinash Kaushik
Best Selling Author, Blogger & Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google

A business without customers is not a business. So many C-levels are burying their heads in the sand and not focusing on areas of their business that will make the difference. A quick dive into “The Growth Strategy That Is Being Ignored" illustrates the potential that many businesses are missing out on. Invest in what really matters, understanding your customers, invest in the right processes and invest the time to run robust testing to maximise your businesses full potential. A must read for anyone who wants to be successful.

- Andy Barke
Head of Northern Agencies at Google

"Conversion optimisation (CO) fails because of the senior decision makers of companies. This is a book with 17 ultimately simple explanations for those old CEO dudes, about how conversion optimisation is going to save their asses, so they don't have to retire tomorrow.
It's a must-have gift on every business meeting you have in person with a potential customer if you are an optimisation agency.
Don't make your life easy and don't deliver them an ebook, please! The old school guys need something to put proudly on their office self behind the secretary, so they can show that they know "new stuff", too.
The very first sentence you should tell to the elderly executives is the meaning of the conversion. It's all about persuasion of future and present customers (don't use word visitors) to take them action you want them to take (don't emphasise online)."

- Janika Leoste
Marketing Manager at Robotex Estonia

"Expert and characterful viewpoints cut through jargon and converge on a commercial focus. Beyond acronyms, trends and silos, commercial optimisation is an organisational concern, not just a tactic"

- Ian Jindal
Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of InternetRetailing

"Incredible wisdom from some of the industries top thinkers. Lots of hints and tips to get your business focussed on your customer in order to improve their experience and drive growth. A great, easy read"

- Daniel Shellard
Co-founder and COO at Qubit